Chapter 1: Spit It Out

by Psilo

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This is my first project, call it my debut mixtape. It's my official jump into the music world, specifically as an emcee into Hip Hop culture.
Most tracks are unmixed/unmastered for a reason: It's an auditory reminder to myself that I created something from what I had, nothing but my mind and my mic.
Chapter 1 of many to come.


released August 15, 2013

Thanks to all the producers who helped put this together, knowingly and unknowingly.
- Aesop Rock
- Moon Caves
- Emvy
- DoctorSess
- Ant of Atmosphere
- RighteousFoot
- Hi-Tek
- Wa55up
Much Love.
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Psilo San Francisco, California

An (almost) 19 year old psychonaut whose only form of expression is poetry over hip hop instrumentals.
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Track Name: Cop A Flow (Prod. by MF DOOM)
- Said I could never cop a flow,
You know it’s dead kid, let it go.
Imagine if I did? Where would I be? What about my soul?
I’m on a roll like butter when I hold
I’m never home, clever poems
Are what I write outta sight like my pleasure bone.
Treasure trove, a better gold is what I hold on my head,
a crown for the words that I said.
Unpleasant, I spit meticulously ridiculous open presents when I kick.
Raps in ya presence, learn a lesson from my essence, and thank the heavens for my blessin’.
Never testin’ the water from the well
A slaughterhouse in hell like blotter in the mail.
Weird thoughts, right?
Beer n pot nights.
Came to rock and talk and then drop mics.
- And if you didn’t get it, play it twice.
Lyrical confusion I’m bruisin’ fools but playin’ nice.
Addicted to words it’s a curse.
Got death runnin’ away hittin’ curbs in a hearse.
Killin’ several birds with one stone.
Fillin’ everyone’s heads with the thoughts in my dome.
My home is the mind that I chose.
Good vibes and peace are my clothes.
But I’ll run around naked.
The human body is art and I hold it sacred.
Tainted philosophies stalkin’ me.
Knockin’ sense out of everything I thought I believed.
Do you see what I mean?
Life isn’t much else than a movie screen.
A goofy king havin’ psychedelic fun.
I might be pathetic but I roll a fat blunt.
- In fact I’m high right now.
Smoke so much that Method would be proud.
It’s a lifestyle, mindstate hazy,
I’ve been a little bit crazy lately.
Baby, maybe it’s the attitude I choose,
Night too and I blaze on the daily.
Rabies, I’m foamin’ at the mouth.
Drink a little water so I get the cotton out.
No doubt, I’m the illest in the area
Grillin’ kids, turn to ashes, I don’t bury em.
Necessary that I blow smoke
if I didn’t, who am I kiddin’, I would probably be broken.
Track Name: Alpha Or Omega (Prod. by Aesop Rock)
- People still wondering how the world spins
I’m at a loss, in my room on shrooms like girlfriend,
job, family, drugs, school.
Playing games like everyone else, am I a fool?
Am I everything or nothing? Alpha or Omega?
Vibrant with flavor, don’t like me, see you later.
A raiders fan, got love for 49ers,
Football sucks anyways, go cry huh.
I can rhyme. I’ve done it for a while.
It’s an easy way for me to maintain half a smile.
Got a child-like passion for the way that I do it
Stay true to the game and be rewarded for my movements.
No bullshit, I’m a bull, spit bullets.
No way that you could pull this.
Ulrich Schnauss said music is music
Google the dude cause I know you’re like “Who’s this?”

Hook: Psilo on the micro phone,
I know you know I’m the type to flow
like, my thoughts when I’m blowin’ dro
I bought a glass house just to throw some stones. (x2)

- Check it out, I’m on a cloud made of dreams
and the self-esteem of emcees who couldn’t hang with me.
Balancing the weight of the world not as hard as it seems,
everyone else is weak, they don’t know to bend their knees.
Sending thee to hell is devils speak
I’m a rebel in disguise, a treasure in the heavenly.
Measuring to degrees unseen by prophecies
I’m on top of the colossal beings that I perceive.
Need beliefs to get you through the week?
Perhaps drinking tea makes you feel like you’re at peace?
Reading Nietschze on the weekend, is the deep end too deep?
No reason for the bleeding to cease.
I’m a breathing disease, emphysema type steez.
Pardon the raw, ya jaw drops when I speak.
A freak with technique, got blotter by the sheet.
If you wanna we can harbor defeat, but that’s not on me.
Philosophy, equality, ecology is what we need, yo.
Flip the script, get smart and let’s agree that
We can’t define ourselves if we can’t even feed the people.
And leading sheep to the slaughterhouse is evil.
Track Name: Go Sit Down ft. Tsujino
- I’m ill with it. Fluid Lyricist style wild.
canya chill with it or do I have to drive
five fistfuls of knives into you your spine yo.
Don’t die cause I just started to rhyme.
I’m primetime television, brainwash elements,
Never settle for less cause I’m addictive, heroin.
Check the rhetoric, I’m better than
Sweater weather, that’s December,
Clever like the fellas in the sky,
that’s the etheric. And I’m the devil, bitch.
You can peep a dictionary, if you don’t get it.
I said it once before if you recall, so you’re indebted.
I won’t hesitate to resuscitate the dead, kid.

- Is this the chorus? don’t bore us with your whack adjectives
Can I live in peace and do what I want?
No additives? What about auto-tune?
Not for you, mothafucka
So get to doggo soon.
In Bloom, Cobain in his prime.
but y’all don’t get the message and it’s messin’ with my mind.
It’s time to get to steppin’, I’m not impressed with your intentions.
The way that you enslave your own brain shows bad reflection.

Tsujino: They say that when I pick a pencil, I'm too fuckin' disrespectful
like I have to be sentimental over every instrumental
even if it's shit that's mental, yeah cause I'm not sick but gentle
so if you tell me to tone it down I'll just fuckin' hit a level.

- And I’m on attack against the whack, I ain’t holdin’ back.
A backpack rapper with a track record of blowin’ stacks of O’s
An animal on the microphone, I suppose you didn’t know I wrote half the rap hyper-stoned.
Right a wrong and write a song about it,
shout outs to those who know not keep quiet.
Out of sight, I like to close my eyelids on acid and put my ego in the casket.

and mothafucka your rap shit.
I’m an arachnid, spittin’ smooth shit outta my ass and it’s still better than your average.
Raw like a package bomb inside an airport baggage.
Therefore, I damage.
Outlandish. I’d love a sandwich.
But I can make it myself, go sit down bitch.
I said go sit down, bitch.
Go sit down, bitch!
Can I switch it up? I need to say wassup
to everyone who knows I’m not a filthy schmuck.
This was a showcase of my pro ways with words and curses in no taste delivered to ya home base.
Delivered straight to ya mothafuckin' home base.

Tsujino: Look into the mirror, son. Can't you see you're lame?
Track Name: Psilo vs Dibbs ft. Profesa' Dibbs
- Yo, I know, I’m stuck in ya head.
A rude awakening like no bacon, in the morning.
I’m here to warn ya, outta california.
I toldya not to rock the boat but didya listen, no huh?

- You know I don't listen
always spending too much time up on my writtens
that i don't have time for your fiction
I'm not the type to leave incisions
I'm the type to rip your intestines out
and hang you with em while you living.
so If you want to box,
that's fine I got 2 on it.
The left is a distraction
my right - well he is used to it.
Let's keep moving through these grooves of emvy's records
and keep hiding your jealous envy of my weapons

- You think I’m jealous well to hell with you, he said with relish.
Watch as I embellish on this track, compellin’
I’m so high, I’ve reached a milestone.
My mind is blown and I dunno where to go so
I will write another line and flow , astro-travellin’ unravellin’ my soul.
No goal but self-enlightenment and I don’t really know how to achieve it without fightin’ kids.

-Yo 100 miles an hour in a drop top, push your wig back
your girls mouth, you know that's where my kids at
so many different ways to filet this fucking big cat
I think I'll start by robbing this scavenger for his little scraps
Not cause I need them
but because he' fiending
to learn a lesson beyond stealing a beat and MCin'
it's the heart that makes the mind able to calculate
and no matter what i plug into this equation I see this cowards fate

- C’mon dude, I’m 19 you’re 32.
A mystery to me why you be creepin’ in the kiddie pool.
Go back to school and learn sex ed
Or at least take a class to properly disrespect.
I’m in a jet droppin’ verses fulla curses
You’re worthless, looking for God in empty churches.
No service, your cellphone is dead
And so are you cause I jammed the fucker into your head.

- Yo you dumb fuck, I teach the class the disrespecting
and number one, don't approach over extending
you know that i'm the coach leaving you on the bench kid
so save that talk about my phone being disconnected.
cause i spit with frequencies that shake apart nuclei
my synapses be cracking across the bluest skies
you think I need a kiddie pool?
your girl rides a submarine full of semen and I can see her swimming through.

- I graduated number one in my class
The major that you made it in taught you how to kiss ass.
I piss fast and all over your face, you’re a disgrace
misplaced, don’t even bother to erase
The lines you wrote, no one finds you dope.
If it were up to me, your submarine would never come afloat.
No joke, slit ya throat drink ya blood.
but don’t mind me cause I’m just havin fun.

- Yo you're only first in your class cause I handed you a diploma
Bitch your raps are about as relevant as South Dakota.
Stone faced rapper call me mount rushmore,
in the booth I will skill you, John Doe is the metaphor.
Yo is this kid serious?
He's so young that last month his grandma got her first period.
Yo she smells about the same as the fish I that I be reeling in,
and the only reason I hit it is 'cause she said her teeth weren't in.
Track Name: Hip Hop Hurray (Prod. by DoctorSess)
- Well, a lot of people tell me that they never thought they’d see me here.
Drink a beer, kickback, relax, and let me reappear
In ya memories, steadily I’m endlessly rendering enemies
useless with my expertise.
I’m the remedy, also the poison
Flamboyant like L, but I smell of disappointment.
Enjoy it, my flow is so damn poignant.
If there’s ever a man who doesn’t understand, destroy him.
Not a boy but, I’m not grown either.
All alone, on my own, so I smoke a lot of reefer.
A leader of none, fuck following a crowd.
I’m loud as hell but you’ll never hear a sound.
Proud of who I am but l do accept change.
Always strange with the way that I live day to day.
My brain is my very own personal nemesis,
So I watch what I say when I lay it down with emphasis.

- I know, yo I’m late to the game.
Traffic insane, but now I’m rapping, hip-hip-hop hurray.
No way Jose, I could never stop.
That’s like asking the cops if you can keep ya crops.
Not a wise move.
Yeah, I write smooth
lyrics that lift ya spirits
When you hear this.
And I’m explicit with the way that I do business
In a minute you will witness what I mean, exquisite.
Like a cigarette on a rainy afternoon.
I’m after you, tryna write the ending for my chapter two.
Not a rapper dude, call me a poet.
But I’ll battle you and dedicate the moment to Odin.
And now I’m rollin’, trippin’, stumblin’
Fumbling over words that rhyme, come again?
But I’m having fun, that’s all that really matters.
It's Psilolysergicamine check 'em out ya bastards!
Track Name: Solely Entertainment (Prod. by Ant)
- They told me, what I do is solely entertainment.
Now I’m wondering where the hell they brains went.
Simple cavemen trapped in an illusion.
Fusion of stupidity, ignorance, confusion.
But are we useless, thought-provoking creatures?
With nothing but arrogant, downsloping features?
Not I, I separate myself
from the everyday products you take from a shelf.
It ain’t wealth that I chase, self-righteous enlightenment
isn’t part of the race that I participate in.
Sophisticated equilibration is what I’m chasin’ through the maze of mass imitation.
Communication is key to see what I do.
An elevated state of mind, leave everything behind you.
Find proof that life is worth living and
I’ll come through to beg for your forgiveness.
You’ll miss this, you take every fucking breath for granted.
We all make mistakes but yours have expanded.
You planned it, on another planet, you’re planted.
Purity is gone, replaced by a blanket of
Hypocrisy, talk to me, how dare you have audacity to battle me, rapidly losing my mental capacity.
After me, you’ll never find another masterpiece.
Drowning in an ocean of emotion, catastrophe.
Back to the factory, I’m at it again.
I’ve gotta make amends with the men that love take to offense.
Fake friends are intrusive, my thoughts elusive.
And when I’m on the mic I get verbally abusive.
Tie a noose around my neck and call it the conclusion
I got what it takes but not yet, that would be useless.
A waste of breath, betray the flesh, Lupus.
Don’t be stupid, dog, word to Eustace.
I guess I’ve proved it, solely entertainment.
No longer wondering where the hell they brains went.
Track Name: The Memories (Prod. by VEKS)
I wanna say something
But I'll push it back as nothing.
It's never important so I'll just stop my fussing.
and cussing, there really is no use to this discussion.
I'm rushing to love and you're brushing me off.
What no one else does, you do without stop.
You reminded me of everything I thought I forgot.
I thought I lost God.
I bought the last quad.
Nothing makes sense when you're always the underdog.
Bring back the memories, I wanna see everything.
All the times I lost my keys and when I went to Tennessee.
Bury me with the intention to set me free.
and reminisce about the early days, just you and me.
The way we used to be, so simple and so innocent.
But while I grew up, you stayed ignorant.
You turned selfish, hateful, and destructive.
I never got the chance to tell you that enough's enough, bitch.
I really mean it, you broke my heart,
Imagine what we had and now tear it apart.
The reality of this can't dismantle my mind.
But I'll be damned if it hasn't tried several times.
It makes me laugh how some people can change.
but it's even funnier to see these people stay the same.
Funniest of all is when my hope flows down the drain
and these pieces of my puzzle can't communicate my pain.
If you listen closely, you can hear my thoughts.
Xerox the blueprints and set back my clock.
No waking up early, I open eyes too late to discover the sad fact, you left yesterday.
I don't know what to say, I don't know how to act.
I'm not sure if I can pull the knife from my back.
You cloud my head and I can't think straight.
I'm bound for eternity, I can never escape.
I ease my pain by writing you songs,
but it's probably not the best way for me to move on.
I can't believe you once made me see stars.
and I hope that you see that you're just one of my scars.
Track Name: My Thoughts (Prod. by The Juggaknots)
- I’m just a kid, not a man, I don’t wanna grow
Up. Hold my hand, not for love cause
Now I’m on the run
From the life that I chose.
My eyes and nose
Never seem to fail but I trust my heart more than those.
I’m cool, calm, collected, but I’m in pieces.
My mind never ceases to release it’s thesis on the reason
that I see myself as a demon.
My shadow is the my only companion, prosthesis.
Not a philosopher but I observe how I am not a concern to the external world, so what is worse?
A sinking ship or overthinking til I’m sick of it.
I’m full of hatred and I can’t escape the bitch that quick.
I’m so slick with the words when I spit,
It’s almost like I was built for this, Yo I would kill for this.
Dollar bills don’t prove skills, just ignorance.
So listen when I’m kickin’ flow, you didn’t know I deliver it?
Speaking gibberish that only few can catch.
And I laugh at the ones who scratch their head and pass it up.
Rap and blunts are my two best friends.
My infatuation with hip hop, it never ends.
She’s the light of my life, she’s my breath, and my heartbeat.
Start with me and I will be the one to put your heart to sleep.
It’s hard to see when I’m living in the dark.
Or maybe it’s because I set my mind and world apart.

- And it depresses me to see myself change.
Always improvin’ but I’m movin backwards in my brain.
Never the same, tame but also rugged.
What? Think you can keep up, I love it.
I’m undiscovered, kept hidden in the suburbs.
I love words. but that doesn’t mean that I am structured.
Movin’ upwards, days are numbered.
If you end my suffering I would love to bring you supper.
Bite my soul, eat my thoughts.
It’s not what you think, drink my dreams on the rocks.
A paradox, a contradiction when I’m spittin’.
You never listen so to hell with my ambition.
No pot to piss in, I kick it on the streets.
Smokin’ blunts to the face writing over beats.
Sliding through life like the beads on an abacus.
I’m rappin’ only because it;s better meds than laughter, kid.

- Lonely, stoned, and rolling
Another one. Cumbersome, I don’t give a fuck, I hope I rupture lungs.
Cause everyone that I speak to is crazy.
Or maybe it’s me, what I think of on the daily.
Insanely beyond capabilities, lyrically and physically
but my memory is gimmicky.
Typically I recite the lines I write, cryptically.
Decipher my life cause I can’t, a mystery.
No quitting, see? I’m not the one for that.
Got a pen and a pad and that’s enough to rap.
I’ll write for the rest of my life, remember that.
I’m living proof that you can do what you want, remember that.
I sever heads metaphysically so get with me.
The giving tree gifted me wittiness and melody,
til death, I plead guilty no need for settlements.
I’m better than all these emcees that claim to be heaven sent.
Track Name: Up To You (Prod. by RighteousFoot)
- It’s really up to you, you can choose what you wanna do.
Rule your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts rule you.
It’s true, think about it.
I might get rowdy on the mic but I doubt it’s
because I love the rush. It’s more than that.
Showin’ cats that I can spit is a plus, also rap.
But it’s the way that I can portray my mind in the light.
It’s right, and I just feel like I might
Carry on, with a strong mind.
A long time comin’ and now I’m runnin’ with the rhyme.
Hang tight, stay loose, what you wanna do.
Be positive, even when it’s hard to give a fuck or two.
Can’t lose with my eyes on the prize.
I will die for what I want and in my heart, I know I’m right.
I go for fight instead flight when problems arise.
Solve em mentally, instrumental for my life.

Hook: I feel good even though I’m misunderstood.
It’s alright cause it’s all in my mind.

- When I rhyme, I try to open eyes.
I’m hopin’ that someday, I’ll be told I saved a life.
Made the strife, easier to bear.
Clear the bullshit, remember you need air.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Knee-deep and I can’t see how
I’m gonna get out, I’ve gotta get out,
I’ve gotta let out the steam and screams and all of my dreams.
So please believe in yourself, I know it’s hell and everybody else is fulla themselves.

Hook: I feel good even though I’m misunderstood.
It’s alright cause it’s all in my mind.
Track Name: Now You Know (Prod. by Hi-Tek)
- It’s in the music, if you can’t feel it you lose it.
I’m gonna prove that I have the groove and the movements.
I’m spittin’ true shit, the blueprint.
Magna Carta fucking sucked, you’re all used to it.
The candy beats and rapping like machines
everybody got the same voice, I don’t get how y’all are pleased.
Not deceased, hip hop is in my heart.
and if you see the way I see it, you would see that it has scars.

- Not the greatest of all time, I’ll never claim the title
My idols were far beyond what I write so I know I will
Continue on individuating the songs.
I’m nothin’ special but I’m nothin’ less than raw.
Check the method, I’m wreckin’ with technique
I speak over beats whatever flies out the beak
High mosta the time, Psi that’s me.
No matter what I try though my mind will always rhyme sleek.

- And it surprises me the rivalry between us
Who woulda thought that I would wanna kill and eat guts.
That’s a metaphor you better pay attention.
I’m ascending over you and that’s not me condescendin’
Not to mention I’m bendin’ dimensions, call forensics.
You can’t prevent this due to inattention aforementioned.
And now I’m blessin’ the mic with what I write.
I ain’t goin’ nowhere Imma be doin’ this for life.
Track Name: All I Need ft. Profesa' Dibbs
Hook: Clothes on my back / flows on a track / couple O’s in a sack
When I rap, I need nothin’ more than an ill mindset and a mic of course.

- Bleed for the words I write as a verse.
Pride ain’t a word ever heard by the birds. Out-
Side my window, when I’m blowin’ indo
Never once a schizo but I swear I’ve lost my mental.
Now I’m droppin’ it, provident, it’s obvious.
I’m competent and confident.
Higher than a rocketship.
Get innocuous. You know you’d like to.
Grab a mic, look inside, it’s insightful.
And I came to rip shit.
Kickflip off the stage, it’s some spic spit.
Wicked with the words I choose.
My dues been paid, sensei to you dudes.
Crude, maybe.
Shrewd, yes.
Grab a couple brews, don’t forget the sess.
I’m a mess lyrically and physically.
But don’t let that stop you from comin’ to get with me.

Hook:Hook: Clothes on my back / flows on a track / couple O’s in a sack
You know it's my raps that keep me on point. All I need's a dope beat and a coupe rolled joints.
Clothes on my back / flows on a track / couple O’s in a sack
When I rap, I need nothin’ more than an ill mindset and a mic of course.

- In defiance,
as I am when I'm rhyming.
My lines ignite as fine as hydrogen,
all I need to turn your eyes liquid
is these prime digits when I'm spitting,
can't divide or split it.
There's a difference between strong engine and optimistic,
got the will for conflict but that don't mean that I belong in it.
Now maybe I'm long winded with my raw wisdom
but all I need another pumped mistress teaching me faulty physics.
I need a girl hopping out a cinderalla rental car
with patella scars
to find out where the sexual adventures are.
Attend my seminars with that black censor bar
and I'll take you out beyond any celestial star.
Losing all hope is the first step to freedom,
a reflex you can't protect is an instinct gone defect.
You best bet it's all pretenses rejected
and cement your place as an MC respected.